Remixed ressurser


T/M: Thomas & Karoline Neteland (English translation: Gareth Peck)
© 2016 Sentrums (Sentrumkirken Sandnes)

Bpm: 161

I have found

Comfort in your name

Hope for my soul

You made me whole

You are here
Death has lost it's sting
You gave your life
So freedom was mine

Am7 - G G/D - D
Freedom - Freedom

C - Em G - D/F#
Perfect and blameless forever

Am - Em7 G - D
Mercy, oh your mercy

         C                     D - Em
Your death gave me freedom

Em7 - Am7 - C - D

             Em             Am7
There is freedom in your name

               C              D
There is love in your embrace

        Em         Am7               Dsus4 D
Jesus you are, Jesus you are er my God

At the cross you took my place
Gave your life and showed me grace
Jesus you are, Jesus you are my God